Danny Gallagher – Guest Contributor
Feb 21 2019
The Mocky Horror Picture Show



Central Standard Time



Pocket Sandwich Theatre
5400 E. Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, Texas 75206

What happens when you combine the movie mockery of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" with the interactivity of a live "Rocky Horror Picture Show"? Assuming you don't get one a sweet lawsuit on your hands, you get...the "Mocky Horror Picture Show" that returns to Pocket Sandwich Theatre at 11:15 pm on Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2!  

This time, they're taking on one of Vincent Price's and director William Castle's biggest cult classics with "House on Haunted Hill." Five strangers enter a haunted house in order to win a $10,000 prize from an eccentric millionaire and his scheming wife but are there really ghosts in the house or is there someone or something pulling the strings? 

"Mocky Horror" is a live, interactive, movie mocking comedy show starring and written by comedians Liz Barksdale, Danny Gallagher and Bryan Hickey who fling jokes at movies while you're watching them. The audience also gets to join the action with special prompts that appear on the screen telling them to shout jokes and lines and throw props at the screen at just the right moments. 

Doors open at 10:45 for seating, food and beverage.  Show at 11:15.  Tickets are $15.  All sales are final.