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Initiative Benefits Parents and Students of Uplift Williams Preparatory School

Transformance, a fully integrated social services delivery nonprofit, recently joined with local FedEx team members to distribute food to the families of Dallas’ Uplift Williams Preparatory school.

The donation event, which took place on Wednesday, Oct. 19, was organized by Transformance and Services of Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to helping children and promoting education in our communities. The FedEx team members were invited to participate and did a remarkable job of assembling multiple food staples for all ages into over 700 individual bags.

“We were so pleased to team up with FedEx employees on this initiative,” said Ken Goodgames, CEO of Transformance. “The energy level of their folks really helped set the tone for a successful day of giving back to those in our community. My hat is off to FedEx, Services of Hope and Operation Blessing International for coming together to make this a reality.”

The food donation was carefully scripted to be delivered at the close of the school day, as dozens of families cued up in parking lines to pick up their children. All told, the amount of food donated was over four tons.

“We are proud to team up with Transformance for our FedEx Cares Day of Service project,” said Terry Allen, Senior Account Executive with FedEx. “Through our collaboration, we delivered positive change for students and families at Uplift Williams Preparatory in the form of 700 bags of food.”

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