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The leading U.S. developer of sustainable apartment communities announced the results of its fifth Sustainable Living Index today. AMLI Residential’s 2022 survey received responses from 4,154 AMLI residents on their opinions regarding how green initiatives impact their choice of where to live.


The 2022 survey results revealed that 80% of residents believe living in a sustainably built apartment benefits their health. Residents chose fresh air initiatives, energy-efficiency savings on utilities and smoke-free living as their top three green features, which is consistent with AMLI’s previous survey in 2020.


Two survey questions focused directly on societal changes due to COVID-19. Fifty-nine percent of apartment residents said healthy building features are important to them in light of the pandemic. Additionally, 65% of residents are currently working from home all or some of the time, 24% more than thought they would in 2020. These responses reveal that the pandemic is reshaping the way people live and work.


Overall, 43% of residents said green features factored into their decision to live with AMLI. At AMLI communities with a LEED® certification, 11% more residents agreed that green features impacted their decision to lease with AMLI versus residents at non-LEED communities.


A 55% majority of residents believes AMLI’s green features save them money. At AMLI’s LEED® communities, 16% more residents reported financial savings from efficient features at their communities versus residents at non-LEED® communities, a 3% increase over 2020.


“We are grateful that our residents took the time to complete this survey. Not only are they supplying us with helpful data, but it is also an opportunity to give us feedback on our green features and what they would like to see expanded as we plan to improve our new communities to meet their needs,” said Phil Tague, AMLI president. “AMLI is committed to targeting LEED® and other third-party certifications for all new developments. With many residents working from home and the continuing unpredictable threat from the virus, AMLI’s commitment to provide healthy, green features is an even greater priority.”


Climate change remains an important issue for AMLI residents, with 88% saying they are concerned while 72% said their desire to find solutions to environmental issues has increased over the last five years. Millennials and Gen Z were most likely to report concern over climate change and an increased desire for environmental solutions.


Most AMLI residents recycle, with 92% reporting they regularly do so, and 56% believe they will be driving an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid vehicle within five years.


Tague added, “Most AMLI residents remain concerned about climate change. AMLI will ensure our communities’ green features match our residents’ priorities.”


AMLI recently received the 2021 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award for the fourth consecutive year, one of the U.S. EPA’s highest honors, for its commitment and dedication to leadership in energy efficiency.


AMLI is a leader in multifamily sustainability. Forty-nine apartment communities have attained LEED® certification at various levels, including nine communities that have earned LEED® Platinum — the highest accreditation available. Additionally, 47 AMLI communities are ENERGY STAR® certified.


About AMLI Residential

Recently named a 2022 National Apartment Association top employer, AMLI Residential focuses on the development and management of environmentally responsible apartment communities throughout the U.S. Founded in 1980, AMLI is owned by PRIME Property Fund, a core commingled institutional fund. AMLI owns and manages 77 apartment communities including approximately 24,800 apartment homes and has over 2,800 additional apartment homes under development or in lease-up at eight new communities. For more information, visit

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