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Since its inception in 2012, Metrospaces, Inc. (OTC: MSPC) built its reputation as a luxury real estate developer by creating unique property opportunities, including London’s Bulgari Hotel and others. However, innovative CEO Oscar Brito saw more in the property company, and he sought to transform his company to lead in the technological transformations in the real estate market.


Metrospaces found a unique technology partner in Shokworks, the digital developer created by venture capital leader Alejandro Laplana. That partnership yielded two of the year’s most unique prop-tech developments.


As a part of this digital evolution, Metrospaces, powered by Shokworks, is launching two unique initiatives rooted in the latest prop-tech developments.


Metrohouse will redefine the co-living world. The innovative platform will allow professionals to find the ideal living space with pre-vetted roommates and lodging style designed uniquely to suit their needs.


“Younger generations have flocked to co-living as a way to live smarter and more efficiently,” explained Brito. “Metrohouse is the perfect partner for an urban professional seeking to either monetize their existing real estate investment or find a unique leasing opportunity.’


Metrocrowd is a blockchain-certified signature services aimed at real estate brokers and other professionals. The first of its kind platform will allow for the tokenization of a real estate portfolio, making the investment process more transparent and more accessible.

“The democratization of the real estate investment process is the future of commercial real estate,” explains Shokworks CEO Alejandro Laplana. “Our highly secured platform will make it possible for everyone from institutional investors to a first time real estate speculator to have a meaningful opportunity to achieve outstanding return on investment.

Both Metrocrowd and Metrohouse are launching in the coming weeks. Further information will become available on The company is also planning additional prop-tech acquisitions in the coming months.

Shokworks has a strong history as an industry disruptor in digital spaces and has recently launched a unique gamification platform with Rivals Media Group, a VR platform with unlimited possibilities with Immersity, a geo-messaging app that connects the digital and physical worlds with Rypplzz, and a skill-based game, High Speed Hands.

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