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Lower school students at Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) recently took a field trip to Dr. Aron Neeman's veterinary clinic, Kindness Small Animal Hospital, without having to leave their desks. Using Apple’s FaceTime app and the classroom Smartboard, Laura Ouimette’s first grade class received a virtual in-depth look at a subject recently discussed in class, the codependent relationship that exists between humans and animals.

Dr. Neeman gave students a tour of the clinic, demonstrated an exam on a live dog and conducted an ultrasound on Jell-O. Students were also able to examine X-rays of an animal's broken leg before and after orthopedic surgery and observe the doctor as he performed a mock surgery on a large, toy stuffed dog.

After asking Dr. Neeman several questions about his career, the class concluded the activity by writing journal entries on the importance of professions that help animals and others.