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Three innovative leaders, Alejandro Sáez (founder, eGoGames), María Bravo (founder, Global Gift Foundation), and Alejandro Laplana (founder, Dallas-based Shokworks), have created eGoClub, an exclusive NFT-based ecosystem with a humanitarian mission that offers unique benefits and opportunities to its members. 

EGoClub is a unique and philanthropic community utilizing the power of blockchain and other emerging technology to do good in the world and help those in need. The partnership began when Sáez and Bravo, who have a collaborative history, partnered with Laplana and Shokworks to pioneer the technology behind this new initiative. 

“We began a philanthropic journey with María and Global Gift years ago, and now we are very proud to take our commitment to the next level with Shokworks as our partner,” said Sáez.

Celebrities such as Eva Longoria and others have joined the project as early eGoClub adopters, called “Early Birds.” Early Birds represent the core of this global philanthropic community of NFT enthusiasts and disruptors and will help shape the direction of the group’s philanthropic and social focus. 

"It's an honor to know that everyone who has been with me since the beginning and believed in our mission at Global Gift is now joining us on this new adventure,” said Global Gift’s Bravo. “These Early Birds are helping us grow our mission and change the way we help thousands of people around the world."

Last weekend, the collaboration presented its first collection of 10,000 NFTs at a launch in New York City. EGoClub's portfolio starts with these NFTs, which were created by an artist whose name soon will be revealed. These NFTs, also named eGos, are built on the Ethereum blockchain and are stored as ERC-721 tokens. 

The launch began with an open presentation event at New York’s Lume Studios and was highlighted by an immense visual announcement in Times Square, the Nasdaq, and other key locations. The founders wanted the enormity of this launch to be reflective of the level of good eGoClub plans to do.

Once purchased, eGos serve as the membership card to an exclusive community that grants access to an array of members-only experiences such as philanthropic galas around the globe, unique charitable opportunities supporting the Global Gift House, both through direct engagement and within the eGoClub metaverse, as well as special networking events, mobile eSport competitions and other opportunities that will be announced in the coming months. 

Once new members mint their eGos, their membership comes with a powerful set of benefits and utilities. Guests will have invitations to a global list of galas and events, as well as virtual access to those events when travel is not possible. The eGoClub plans an annual conference that will bring together top minds in technology and philanthropy. Additionally, each year the eGoClub will offer an exclusive philanthropic journey that will bring together community members to do good in exotic locations across the globe in a unique project named the eGo Tree for Good.

“We have been blessed with financial success, and we wanted to find a way to harness the technology that has built our enterprises and use it to foster good in the world and growth of our people, our eGos,” said Laplana, CEO of Shokworks, about the partners in eGoClub. 

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