The Dysautonomia Support Network (DSN) and The O'Shea Family are hosting a SUPERHERO 1-mile Walk & Family Fun Day at Trinity Christian Academy in Addison from 2-4pm on October 20th.  PLEASE JOIN US!  

Watching someone you love enduring chronic illness and pain is devastating.  When that person is your child, devastation yields to an intrinsic need to take action.  The O'Shea Family is reaching out to the Addison community asking for support in making an impact for their children and the over 70 million people suffering from dysautonomia worldwide.

In 2017, the O'Shea's daughters were diagnosed with Elhers-Danlos.  The later learned their oldest daughter has Postural Orthostatic Tacychardia Syndrome (POTS) which is a form of Dysautonomia.  Dysautonomia is a broad term used to describe a group of neurological disorders that involve the autonomic nervous system.  Brooke shares, "After almost 12 years of ongoing and debilitating medical issues, endless consulting with and endless amount of doctors, experimenting with a multitude of drugs and medical treatments, they finally had an answer.  That relief was immediately met with fear: now what? What does it mean to live with dysautonomia? Can it be successfully treated? Can we improve the quality of our girls’ care and lives? We didn’t have the answers, but we did find a light to help guide us through this new reality: the Dysautonomia Support Network."

The Dysautonomia Support Network seeks to bring hope and progress to individuals living with Dysautonomia and associated disorders.  This non-profit organization guides over 12,500 patient members globally through their health management journey, from diagnosis and treatment to advocacy and lifestyle management.  Members have access to the resources, support, and education needed to adapt to life with chronic illnesses while being challenged to set new goals despite their physical limitations.