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Washos, a tech start-up from LA, offers the next best thing in delivery. Customers in need of car washing or detailing can easily connect to vetted professionals from local businesses with this rising mobile car wash platform. After serving over 100,000 customers in LA in just a few years, Washos expanded to Orange County, San Diego, and now Dallas. The forward-thinking tech company is looking to make a big splash in the community as well.

Washos is the perfect link between businesses that want to grow and customers that want everything at the touch of a button. From the app or website, customers can book washing or detailing packages from licensed and trained professionals in the area. Washos does the heavy lifting by finding and vetting qualified detailers as well as providing the necessary equipment for the appointment. Tipping, booking, rating and more are easily completed through the Washos app, with first-rate service built into each step. In fact, the average rating for Washos detailers hovers just below 5 stars.

Washing and detailing packages start at $35 and range up to $299 for those who wish for added protection and top of the line cleaning products. Additionally, customers don’t need a water supply to book their appointment since Washos provides waterless, eco-friendly washes. Without sacrificing the high-quality results of a professional car wash, Washos innovates the process by using a specially engineered cleaning solution to save water. Requests for water-based washes are still met, but with or without water, Washos strives to deliver the same lavish experience with all of its services.

With their start in Dallas, the Washos team wants to make an impact in the community in more ways than one. Aside from delivering luxury car wash services to customers, Washos supports businesses through client acquisition, scheduling, securing payments, and handling supplies and equipment deals. Businesses that partner with Washos benefit from the platform’s acutely structured model. Because of Washos’ proprietary technology, customers can make same-day appointments, and the Washos team will deliver within 90 minutes no matter where the booking is. Bertrand Patriarca, CEO of Washos, reports 93% of bookings in LA and Orange Country were delivered on time.

“Our goal is to help those in the industry who are suffering from the current crisis. We want them to be able to focus on their job and let us deal with added pressures like customer retention,” said Patriarca.

With the partnerships of businesses and professional detailers, Washos aims to bring the car washing experience to homes and offices across the Dallas area. Now residents in Dallas can have a clean, polished car without even leaving their doorstep. Viewers can see the Washos team in action by tuning in to WFAA’s Good Morning Texas on June 19th.