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TCA Fourth Graders Celebrate "Texas Day" and Travel to Austin

Trinity Christian Academy’s (TCA) fourth-grade class recently topped off a six-week study of the Lone Star State with a “Texas Day” and a field trip to Austin to visit the capitol.

On Texas Day, students made bandanas, listened to tall tales, played Texas bingo, designed their own cattle brand and learned the Texas Two Step. Afternoon entertainment included a genuine "dog and pony show" with cowboy, David Hartwig, and his trained dogs and horses performing amazing tricks.

While in Austin, students, teachers and parent sponsors visited the Capitol Building and the Bob Bullock Museum. The students’ Texas studies came alive as they toured the Capitol and saw first-hand where our laws are made. The museum offered an opportunity to see artifacts, movies and exhibits that tell the story of Texas. Yeehaw!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013