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Last month, Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) middle school students and faculty members participated in the school’s "Where Do You Read?" program, which encourages middle school students to take pictures of themselves with their favorite books in unique and creative places. The program was created in honor of National Book Month by TCA's middle school librarian, Holly Hatton, to show kids how much fun reading can be and defeat the stigma of the library as a "no-fun zone."

Students snapped photos of themselves reading on top of the school’s auditorium catwalk, hanging upside down from swings and even floating downstream in buckets, but students weren’t the only ones getting creative with the program. Faculty members also shared photos of themselves on top of their classroom cabinets and riding bikes with books in hand. One sixth grade science teacher, Stephen Megison, literally took the competition to a whole new level by skydiving with his book of choice, "The Way of the Kings," by Brandon Sanderson.