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American diners have become increasingly sophisticated in their awareness of both the quality and source of artisanal foods and specially sourced meats and produce. III Forks, one of Texas’ iconic steakhouses, realizes the importance of these preferences, and has cemented a relationship with one of the country’s top purveyors of American Wagyu steaks, which are produced using many of the heritage-steeped Japanese feeding and breeding traditions.



Now, all III Forks locations are serving American Wagyu steaks from the acclaimed Snake River Farms in Idaho. Steaks are graded using a Beef Marbling Scale that goes from 1-12. While USDA Prime Beef, some of the finest beef in the country, receives a BMS score of 4-5, the Snake River Farms Gold steaks, such as those being served at III Forks rate a 9 or higher on the same scale.

III Forks has served American Wagyu for more than a decade, originally sourcing their selections from the Strube Ranch in Texas. However, diner demand for the product at III Forks outstripped the capacity of the smaller family operation. The robust American Wagyu program at Snake River Farms ensures that III Forks diners can continue to select the highest grade of American beef possible.


III Forks will offer two of the acclaimed Snake River Farms products, including:

•              Snake River Farms Gold NY Strip, 16 oz, $136

•              Snake River Farms Gold Bone-in Ribeye, 24 oz, $179

These cuts are wet-aged for a minimum of 28 days, and the cows feed on an all-natural diet of local Northwest ingredients, including Idaho potatoes, soft white wheat, corn and alfalfa hay for three times longer than traditional U.S. commodity beef.


III Forks is enthusiastic about both the quality and value of the Snake River Farms product and what that means for diners.

“III Forks is committed to offering the highest-quality beef at a great value to our guests,” said III Forks President Curtis Osmond. “Our relationship with Snake River Farms allows us to offer a more marbled cut of American Wagyu to our guests without any significant price increase.”

Snake River Farms steaks will be offered at all III Forks locations, including Frisco, Austin, Jacksonville, and the soon-to-open location in Addison.

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