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The holidays can be a very busy and stressful time of year. Between the additional social events and holiday splurges, our bodies get worn down and become more prone to sickness. Here are five simple tips to stay healthy throughout the holiday season:

1) Allow your body the rest that it needs! During a state of sleep, our bodies are able to heal and recover from the stresses faced throughout the day. This is also the time when our immune systems kick into over-drive to help fight off any bugs we may been exposed to. Aiming for 7-8 hours of quality sleep is ideal.

2) Make time for your regular exercise routine. Whether it be walks, a quick yoga class, or going indoor rock climbing with family/friends, physical activity is extremely effective at reducing stress and promoting immune system function. Find an activity that you enjoy and make it a priority.

3) Stay hydrated! During cold weather people tend to drink less water. Drinking hot herbal tea is a great way to hydrate and stay warm at the same time.

4) Live in the present. The calendar of events for the week, or month, may be overwhelming to think about, but try to enjoy the moment. Holidays can bring opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family who you may not get to see regularly throughout the year. Rather than worry about what lies ahead, enjoy the present moment and the company you're sharing it with.

5) See your family wellness chiropractor! Getting adjusted regularly helps to prevent physical stresses on the body as well as stimulates your immune system.


For more tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle for you and your family click here.

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