Dr. Nikki Porteus

According to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association over 68 million pediatric chiropractic visits took place in 2013. Typically, people think that  you only see a chiropractor after an auto accident or injury. In all actuality,individuals of any age can have spinal misalignments which result in nerve interference.

If you think about all of the falls and tumbles that children take throughout the different stages of development, it's easy to understand how they might have spinal misalignments. In fact, many parents have their newborns checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic because even the most "natural" birth is traumatic to a baby's spine. The resulting nerve interference from spinal and cranial misalignments can be related to common symptoms such as colic, reflux, nursing problems, and chronic infections. As children get older those undetected spinal misalignments can turn into chronic back and neck pain as an adult. Many parents report improved digestion, immunity, breathing and sleeping behaviors once their children start receiving regular chiropractic adjustments.

When visiting a primary care physician, they will typically recommend a medication to treat whatever pain or symptom you or your child may be experiencing. The problem with this is that it merely covers up the symptom rather than addressing the root cause. in addition to masking symptoms, those medications almost always come with side-effects. Chiropractic is a completely safe and natural alternative for addressing a multitude of issues at any age.

For more information about the research and benefits of children under chiropractic care click here. To visit a chiropractor in the North Dallas area who specializes in pediatric chiropractic care, contact Dr. Nikki Porteus at APEX Wellness Center. To learn more about why your child might need chiropractic care and how Dr. Nikki can help, visit our website here.

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