Dr. Nikki Porteus

Pregnancy is a time in which a woman makes some very important decisions regarding her healthcare and birth team. While several components contribute to the care of a woman throughout her pregnancy, one factor that is often over-looked is chiropractic care. A properly functioning spine and nervous system is crucial to a wellness pregnancy. One of the major changes that occurs in a woman's body during pregnancy is a shift in her center of gravity. This shift can result in low back and pelvic pain. Another major change is an increase in the hormone relaxin, which allows muscles and ligaments to "relax" in order for baby to have room to grow. The relaxation of muscles and ligaments can result in the pelvic bones becoming displaced or misaligned, which can lead to complications during delivery. By using specific techniques, a family wellness chiropractor can restore function of the nervous system, improve overall wellness, improve pelvic positioning, and increase comfort during pregnancy and delivery.

Research has shown that:

- 84% of pregnant women under chiropractic care found great relief from low back pain

- Women treated by a doctor of chiropractic had almost a 25% reduction in average labor time. With women who'd given birth in the past, this number rose to 33%.

- Postpartum pain was relieved in 75% of moms who received regular chiropractic care.

At APEX Wellness Center, we treat women from pre-conception all the way to active labor. A majority of our patients report feeling more comfortable, physically, when compared to previous pregnancies where they weren't under regular chiropractic care. In addition to that, we are Webster Technique certified and able to help women whose baby is in a breech position due to in-utero constraint. To learn more about our office or to schedule an appointment visit our website here.

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