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The Key Is Location for a Corporate Dinner Event

  The great city of Dallas is one of the biggest business cities in the world. There are at least 21 “Fortune 500” companies located there according to Forbes Magazine. That includes the number two spot on the list, Exxon Mobil which is headquartered in Irving, a popular suburb in the DFW area. It doesn’t get any better than the “big D” for all your corporate event planning needs. The city is ripe with locations that are suitable for conventions, corporate outings, and even a classic business dinner party. If you are in charge of planning a corporate sit down dinner for your company, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make it a successful endeavor.

   The beauty of the dinner party is that it’s less formal than most meetings. It’s an excellent opportunity to get your company on the same page. A bonding experience where real plans can be discussed for the future of your company in a casual restaurant setting. Amazing food and beverages are the hallmark of this occasion that should be planned well in advance with the right location. A 4-star steakhouse with a private dining room should be at the top of your planning list. In Dallas, Texas of course, you have many well-known places to choose from. Here are some other tips that will make your business dinner party a phenomenal success.

Determine The Goal Of The Event

  Before you start the planning, you have to determine who the dinner is going to benefit. So figuring out who the stakeholders are is key. That way you can decide what you want the outcome to be of the event. Are you discussing the future of the company, just rewarding your top employees, or brainstorming ideas for your next quarter? Keep in mind that any dinner party should last only 2-3 hours, so don’t go overboard with your agenda.

  Setting a theme is important as well. That way your invitees know what the tone of the dinner will be. Outlining whether it’s just a celebration of recent promotions, or more work related topics is important for the tone of the agenda.

Manage the Details

  You want to manage the details carefully. Do everything at least a month in advance, so that everyone will set aside the evening for the dinner party. Get the guest list together early by sending out formal invitations to everyone that should be there. Make sure you spell out clearly whether your staff should bring their spouses or significant others. That’s usually the first question that most people ask. Sending paper invites along with an emailed version will make sure that all your bases are covered and everyone knows about the event. Don’t underestimate the power of the printed invitation. It’s still a classy way to handle the guest list, even in this modern age. To bring the dinner party into the new era, you are going to want to pay close attention to the next step.

Set Up Social Buzz

 You want to set up social buzz by promoting the dinner on your company’s social media networking pages. That includes your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds to get your staff exciting about the upcoming party. You can also set up an event networking platform that will allow people to post whether they are going to the event or not, and then they can post photos of the actual dinner while they are there. It’s just a great bonding experience for the company as a whole to have it displayed prominently on social media. It shows people who may follow you on social media, what a terrific company you have.

  You can also showcase who might be speaking at this company dinner. Whether it's just your CEO, or someone else that you might be bringing in just for this occasion, it’s vital to shine the spotlight on them a bit.

The Right Mood Is Essential

  The mood of a dinner party should be warm, inviting, and comfortable. Many restaurants have multiple options to choose from. For instance,  Chamberlain's Steak House in Dallas offers four different private dining venues within their restaurant depending on how big your party is going to be. Handling up to 120 guest. Many fine dining restaurants have similar setups. 

Two Last Points For The Ultimate Dinner

   The seating chart should be planned ahead of time. It puts your attendees at ease when they arrive, since they don't have to worry about where to sit. Bon Appetit Magazine says you should do this for any dinner function with over eight guests. Make sure you do individual place cards with everyone’s names on them, so they can take their seats when it's time. This will also allow you to place your stakeholders in the right places where they will be the most comfortable.

   Finally, the last detail to consider is to ensure that your guest needs are taken care of as it relates to special menu request.  Allie Willie, an Event Coordinate for a 4 Star Steak House, says.    "Some guests are on gluten free diets or have other special needs, it's important to communicate that to the restaurant before the night of the event," That way restaurant staff can to make sure all the details are carefully looked out for before, during, and after your corporate dinner party. No matter what menu plan you’ll choose, it’s going to be a fantastically tasty dinner that will be remembered for years to come.

   Having a corporate dinner party experience doesn’t have to be as serious as a boardroom meeting. Planning it right with the perfect location will ensure that not only is everyone at ease, but that the food was amazing and a good time was had by all.

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