Fillings are used to fill the space in the tooth. The main benefit of an Epic Dental filling is stopping the progression of tooth decay by restoring a damaged tooth. The filling helps the tooth to its normal function and appearance. Correct minor issues like decay and further deterioration by keeping harmful bacteria from entering.


One such dental filling is dental Amalgams, a silver-colored filling your dentist Houston likely applies on your teeth as a child and is still very famous in children. The filling is made using a combination of metals, mercury, copper, silver, and tin. The filling is relatively inexpensive and can last long with the help of the material. You may also get many other options available, and you can ask your dentist which suits you the best. 


Here are some pros and cons of dental amalgam for front tooth filling. If you have to fill cavities, you can take a better option.




Amalgam Fillings Advantages


  • Durability.

The amalgam fillings are made up of complex elements, making them durable. It can resist a lot of wear and tear; therefore, the filling can last for ten to twelve years. 


  • Affordable. 

One of the many reasons why it is popular is the cost-effective feature that makes people choose it over other fillings. As it is affordable, it makes an ideal choice for people who want to fix tooth decay problems. 


  • Protects from further cavities.

The filling can save the tooth from getting damaged and prevent further cavities. This process can help you get rid of cavities and tooth decay and reduce the risk of tooth removal. 


  • Lasts long.

The filling lasts long till ten or twelve years before it needs replacement. Till then, eat and chew easily without any fear of tooth damage. 




Amalgam Fillings Disadvantages



  • Teeth discoloration. 

Amalgam fillings are mainly silver fillings, and they can usually get darker with time. That is why many people install them on their back teeth. So it is noticeable easily.  


  • Sensitive teeth.

It can also cause teeth sensitivity after getting amalgam fillings. It can happen because of the metal reaction to changing temperatures in the mouth. 


  • Weaken the teeth. 

One more concern that amalgam fillings can give is that they can weaken the tooth with time. This happens because the tooth’s portion is removed to install the filling, which can damage the remaining teeth and weaken them. 


  • Teeth staining.

Tooth cavity filling amalgam can also cause stains on your teeth, and you may require a stain removal procedure. Teeth whitening is a procedure that can remove deep stains from your teeth. If you are getting teeth whitening treatment, your dentist may remove the filling to clean the teeth. 


In Conclusion:


To treat your cavity dentist removes the decay from the tooth portion and then fills the filling in it to protect it from further damage. The filling is also better known for its durability and long life. If you are still considering getting the amalgam filling, consider talking to your dentist. Contact and visit your dentists near me. Book an appointment now and consult with your dentist. 


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