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A dental crown is a tooth restoration method to enhance the smile's appearance. Most people get this treatment at some point in their lives. Dentists may recommend a dental crown if;


  • You have an extensively damaged tooth.
  • Need protection to hold the weak tooth or the parts of the cracked tooth altogether.
  • Secure the tooth with a bigger filling
  • Hold the dental bridge in place.
  • Secure the tooth after endodontic therapy.
  • Protect the dental implant.


Generally, dentists or oral surgeons perform tooth crown Houston. Your dentist will administer local or IV anesthesia before starting the procedure. It is a simple procedure to be completed in a couple of appointments. Although, if you have broken, impacted, or below the surface tooth, you might need longer treatment. Make an appointment with your dentist at the dental clinic Houston to gather more information about it. 



How much is a tooth crown near me?


Generally, the average cost of a tooth crown may range from $500 to $3,000 per tooth. The cost of a tooth crown depends on the type of crown material. For example, a porcelain tooth crown may cost between $800 - $3,000 per tooth.


Metal crowns with porcelain infusion may cost between $800 and $1,400 per tooth. Considering the cost of gold alloy and mixed dental crown average price might fall between $800 to $2,500. Maybe you can afford the price of dental crowns as you can get insurance coverage for them. 


Additionally, the cost of dental crowns is affected by;


  • Area
  • Implementation of Anesthetic (if required)
  • The complexity of the tooth condition, like whether your tooth’s surface has been broken or off below the surface. 
  • Diagnostic cost; includes the initial oral examination and dental X-ray to determine the exact location of the tooth decay. The cost may range from $60 - $150.
  • Treatments like replacement of crown, dental cement & aftercare treatment. 

What is the average cost of a porcelain crown?


Generally, the average cost of a porcelain crown price ranges from $800 - $3,000 per tooth. However, you can afford its cost as dental insurance covers the cost of crowns.

Is Porcelain Crown worth it?


However, the porcelain crown is expensive yet produces the most effective results; therefore, you can’t ignore the treatment once your dentist recommends it.  It is so because ignorance of the symptoms of severely damaged teeth may lead to more expensive and time-consuming oral treatments. 

What are other procedures to get affordable dental crown treatment?


Some alternative procedures to cover the treatment cost are;


Insurance Friendly Dentist: you can get the assistance of insurance companies to pay for this oral treatment. Usually, most insurance companies offer coverage for dental crowns as they are vital to maintaining individuals’ oral health. Check your benefits before considering any insurance plan. 


Government Programs: Although Medicare does not cover the cost of a dental crown, it can cover the charges for inpatient hospitals if a dental emergency occurs. If you have this insurance plan, review it precisely to maximize your benefits. 


You can also consider Flexible spending accounts (FSA), Health savings accounts (HSA), etc., to get the coverage for the treatment plans. 



Since Dental crowns are durable and a great long-term option to restore your tooth’s health, they are worth getting. Moreover, they last for five to fifteen years, offering complete satisfaction to the patients with the treatment. According to reliable sources, the success rate of the treatment is higher than the other dental restoration methods. VisitHouston dental centertoday to gather more information about the treatment. 


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