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Have you heard of Toothy Tabs?

They are available in 7 unique flavors:
Ultrablast, Breath of God, Dirty, Chou Chou…I love you, Atomic, Sparkle, and Aquatic.  
They are to be used one tablet per brushing.  
I tried this alternative to gel toothpaste.
You start by crushing the tablet in between your teeth and then you start brushing as normal. The powder mixes in with your saliva and it starts to foam up and disperse in your mouth.
Brushing with a tablet might feel  kind of strange at first.  To start, the tablet sits on your  tongue and may feel uncomfortable from the natural flavourings in the tablet. I did  feel that my teeth were smooth and plaque free after brushing and my mouth had a pleasant taste.  The tablet very quickly mixes in with your saliva and foams up nicely. The tablets are easier to use with an electric toothbrush.  The only downside with the Toothy Tabs is that it is fluoride free. The  American Dental association(ADA) recommends that all toothpaste should contain fluoride as it is proven to combat dental caries.
They are great for travel since its not a gel.  Its small and convenient.

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