InstaHype, an email service connecting brands with influencers, announced its official online launch. InstaHype is like a simple email version of popular online dating apps, but instead of linking romantics, it links brands with tastemakers, accelerating these connections to increase brand awareness, create a social buzz, and drive new customers.


With InstaHype, there’s no platform, and no login or setup required. Instead, both sides simply join with a quick online submission. An influencer receives the weekly e-mails (at no charge) and then follows the prompts to connect directly with the brand's campaign contact. From there, it’s up to the brand to decide whether to take the relationship to the next level. InstaHype provides the spark, and after the introduction, the organization or its PR firm corresponds directly with the influencer. With InstaHype, brands have an immediate, cost effective way to launch impactful guerrilla marketing campaigns.

InstaHype’s team consists of marketing and PR executives, as well as the owner of a women’s fashion brand, all of whom have spent many hours managing influencer campaigns.

“InstaHype was created to simply facilitate valuable, even game-changing partnerships to increase brand awareness and loyalty, create buzz, and drive revenue—through all social media channels,” Marc Mattox, Instahype’s co-founder said.

And as Landon Ledford, InstaHype’s co-founder, puts it, “Developing these relationships is really like dating. What brand or PR firm wouldn’t want the ability to develop mutually beneficial partnerships more quickly?  Connecting a brand with the right audience has never been easier.”

InstaHype introduces brands to influencers in the key areas of fashion, beauty, food, and lifestyle, the latter of which includes parenting, DIY, shopping, style and décor, and more. The service represents approximately 22,000 social influencers and tastemakers who have an online following of 5,000+.

For public relations firms, Instahype accelerates a brand’s connection to thousands of targeted brand advocates, significantly cutting down the time it takes to research, contact, and follow-up, thanks to the direct-to-influencer email strategy.

InstaHype was designed to accommodate any brand across multiple industries, from fashion and finance to technology and travel. The connection service is currently free for brands to test as well. Future iterations will include additional functionality and will require a small fee (per usage or monthly) to connect with influencers.

Brands and influencers can register to be a part of Instahype at



InstaHype is a weekly email service designed to connect brands to influencers and advocates so they may reach new, targeted customers. InstaHype helps brands build awareness, social buzz, and customer interactions that lead to greater revenue. Learn more about InstaHype online, on Facebook, and Twitter.

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