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Human resources veterans A. Ira Hoffman and Brent Ruge knew there had to be a better way for professionals to find a job. In their years as consultants and managers, they oversaw people who dealt with thousands of cover letters, countless job board postings, and spray-and-pray online applications. It was a broken system, so instead of fixing modern recruitment, they decided to reinvent it.

The partners cofounded TerraTal, an online portal that’s blending matchmaking style technology with recruitment. The result is a simple, streamlined solution that eliminates stress, connects the right people and saves businesses thousands of dollars on every new hire.

“People looking for a job can easily spend hours a day trolling job boards, writing cover letters that likely won’t be read, and submitting applications to an impenetrable job search void. Online job hunting is a disorienting, depressing process that wears people down. TerraTal isn’t a job board; it’s a single portal that matches professionals with their ideal job. Companies are going to find stellar talent quickly and save major dollars on recruitment,” said TerraTal co-founder A. Ira Hoffman, the integrated marketing and analytics expert behind the company.

 Professionals hunting for the next great gig fill out a free comprehensive profile detailing their experience, salary goals, availability, and other skills-based criteria that can be ranked by priority. Instead of agonizing over resumes and cover letters, professionals fill out one profile and let TerraTal do the matchmaking.

 Companies seeking talent create similar free profiles for open positions, and TerraTal’s algorithms make the matches. Businesses can view complete profiles from a handful of top candidates, and when they see someone they like, they pay a flat fee of $199 for the candidate’s contact information.

 “TerraTal is killing the resume, and no one’s going to miss it,” said co-founder Dr. Brent Ruge, who focuses on the mathematical and technological side of the company. “There is too much waste in recruitment, where broken systems drain time, energy, and money. Professionals and companies are drowning in countless job postings and unanswered applications, and the process is stressful and exhausting on both sides. TerraTal intelligently matches talented people with fantastic jobs. Most companies spend tens of thousands of dollars for every new hire, but we’re supplying a smarter solution for a fraction of the cost.”

 Company recruiters do not have to scan hundreds of applications for every job or dodge desperate phone calls. The algorithm does the heavy lifting to find the cream of the crop, and recruiters can take their time examining those top candidates.

 “When you compare TerraTal with standard recruitment fees, which are about a third of an employee’s annual salary, you’ll see that paying a thousand dollars to talk directly with the top five ideally matched candidates is a bargain. Recruiters don’t have to deal with posting and removing a job on multiple websites, so administration is simple. We’re here to take the unnecessary pressure out of both job hunting and recruitment,” said Hoffman.


About TerraTal

TerraTal is career matchmaking technology that connects talented professionals and great companies. Terra stands for earth, reflecting the global nature of today’s job market, and Tal is short for talent. TerraTal is a single, simple platform that lets professionals and companies create profiles instead of resumes and job postings. Professionals answer comprehensive questions about their background, strengths, goals, salary requirements, and availability, and TerraTal’s intelligent algorithms match the best candidates with ideal positions. Employers can view all matched candidate information for free, and when they choose their favorites, they pay just $199 for the professional’s contact information. For more information, visit

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