TeletonUSA Opens Children’s Rehabilitation Institute with

Support from LALA

The Institute will serve low income children with disabilities from throughout the U.S


(SAN ANTONIO, Texas) October 30, 2014 – The Children’s Rehabilitation Institute Center of TeletonUSA (CRIT USA) opens its doors on Thursday October 30th. Sponsors like LALA, who made generous donations through TeletonUSA, made the creation of the CRIT in San Antonio possible. 

LALA will make a donation to TeletonUSA during its live telecast on Univision from December 12 through December 13, 2014.  “The effort that the children of Teletón and their families put forth day after day is an example that inspires us to be better every day,” said Mauricio Galván, Marketing Director, LALA Branded Products.  “With this donation we hope to support them in their efforts to reach their goals.”

CRIT USA is a nonprofit pediatric outpatient rehabilitation facility for children ages 18 and under with neuromusculeskeletal disabilities. CRIT USA will treat patients from across the United States, and will heavily subsidize the cost of care for families in need, whether or not they have insurance.

LALA invites their followers to send a message to all the children patients at CRIT USA through the #DaMásDeLoBueno.  These messages will be part of a mural that will be given to the institute in hopes that all their patients and their families are able to read the words of support.

The Children’s Rehabilitation Institute of TeletonUSA will host its Grand Opening ceremony Thursday October 30th at 12:00pm with a televised event broadcast live from the new facilities.

About LALA:

LALA is the premier dairy product company in Latin America with over 60 years in the market and a broad portfolio of milks, dairy and non-dairy foods that nourish consumers throughout all stages of their lives. With a strong manufacturing and distribution presence in the US, Mexico and Central America, LALA provides fresh quality products to thousands of consumers every day.

About The Children’s Rehabilitation Institute of TeletonUSA (CRIT USA):

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology and a mission to increase quality of life for patients and their families, this new 45,000 square foot medical facility in San Antonio joins the largest private pediatric rehabilitative health care network in the world, started by the Teleton Foundation in Mexico in 1997. The CRIT USA project has been funded in full by the generous donors in the United States who donated to the TeletonUSA, live telecast transmitted on Univision in 2012 and 2013.  This model of care is holistic in approach. It has been implemented in all 21 TeletonUSA facilities in Mexico and has had great success. Our model is different than the standard rehabilitation model offered in the U.S., in that we will attempt to heal the bodies, engage the minds, and uplift the spirits of our children and their family members.



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