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February 2018, EVEXIAS will open new addition to Rockwall clinic with FemTouch treatment



(ROCKWALL, TX) – February 15, 2018 – EVEXIAS Medical Centers®, the premier wellness clinics that provide life-changing medical technologies to help patients achieve health and wellness goals, officially announces its Rockwall clinic expansion located at 1207 Arista Drive, Suite 103.


The new Rockwall addition will combine the existing clinic with the adjoining space bringing the area from 2,900 to over 4,000 square feet, adding three new treatment rooms and a relaxation waiting room for patients. Once the renovation is complete on February 22, 2018 -  the Rockwall clinic will be approximately the same size as the Southlake clinic, located at 620 North Kimball Avenue, Suite 100.


“The new space will add a completely new feel to the Rockwall clinic by focusing primarily on our aesthetic rejuvenation and regeneration treatments,” said Terri DeNeui, founder and Medical CEO of EVEXIAS Medical Centers. “Our patients will now find themselves in a relaxed and comfortable spa-like atmosphere to enjoy when they visit EVEXIAS.  We have been in Rockwall since 2014, and have been growing rapidly year after year. This expansion will help us better service our Rockwall patients.”

The medical center plans to hire additional employees by summer of 2018, further supplementing their existing team.

In addition to the expansion of the clinic, EVEXIAS will be the first medical center in Rockwall to offer the revolutionary FemTouch technology to its patients. FemTouch is a non-surgical, minimally invasive, non-hormonal treatment used to improve vaginal health administered by medical clinics and gynecologists. The CO2 laser treatment promotes stimulation of new vaginal tissue growth which further enhances collagen production along the vaginal walls.


EVEXIAS will also introduce FemTouch to patients in the Southlake clinic.


“FemTouch is perfect for women who have had children, and for women who are looking to improve their vaginal health,” Terri said. “FemTouch uses a technology that can be used all over the body for scars, age spots, stretch marks and more, but it has a different mode of delivery targeted especially for feminine vaginal rejuvenation. The results it produces today are truly amazing.”


About EVEXIAS® Medical Centers

The Texas-based EVEXIAS Medical Centers® are the premier industry leader and innovator of the medical wellness movement with superior patient care and the utilization of revolutionary, preventive and regenerative medical and aesthetic technologies. EVEXIAS’ mission is to partner with each patient to bring healing by understanding the root cause of a patient’s particular health concern, and subsequently formulating an effective, individualized treatment plan, always recognizing the body, mind and spirit contribute to the overall health of humanity.



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