Warbirds Over Addison by Cavanaugh Flight Museum



Central Standard Time



Cavanaugh Flight Museum
4572 Claire Chennault
Addison, Texas 75001

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Cavanaugh Flight Museum, the largest collection of flying historic and military aircraft in the Southwest, hosts its biggest weekend of the year, Warbirds Over Addison, May 18-19, 2019. North Texas aviation buffs will have the chance to see, touch and even FLY in many of the planes in the unparalleled Cavanaugh collection. The Cavanaugh Flight Museum will fly many of its treasured WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam-era airplanes including: the P¬-51 Mustang, AD-¬5 Skyraider, FM2 Wildcat, and many more. Aviation fans can book personal flights at discounted rates in many of these historical planes. Flights start at just $75!
Guests can enjoy aircraft on display plus a Navy A7 Corsair II display and dedication As well as the popular Sherman Tank 

This year, the Cavanaugh will celebrate the contribution made by Vietnam era Search & Rescue flights by highlighting the museum’s Huey, Caribou, Skyraider, O-2 and A-37. The weekend showcases not only the extensive Cavanaugh collection, but also visiting aircraft brought in by warbird enthusiasts and museum collections around the country.

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