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TCA Pre-K teacher Carol Pond prepares her classroom for the first day of school.

DALLAS- Aug. 11, 2014 - On Aug. 20, 24 four-year-old students and Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) will celebrate two “firsts” at the start of the 2014 school year –not only will these new students begin their very first day of formal education, they will also be the very first members of TCA’s new Pre-K program, which will become part of the school’s long-standing faith-based curriculum. The two pre-K classes will be led by faculty members Lynne Klein and Carol Pond, who will each be aided by a full-time instructional assistant in their respective classrooms.

“We’re very excited to announce the addition of two Pre-K classes,” said Lower School Head Rod Morris. “TCA is committed to providing an education that academically and spiritually prepares all students to be leaders in the community and we believe the implementation of Pre- K classes will further develop the impact of our school and its strong, integrated academic programs.”

In addition to teaching social skills, studies have suggested that preschool programs contribute to greater long-term academic achievement in math and reading.TCA has carefully constructed a Pre-K program intended to expand and enrich the academic foundation.

Since 1970, TCA has provided North Dallas and the surrounding communities with an environment where young people can develop their bodies, minds and spirits. Incoming Pre-K students will be placed under the care of educated, highly-trained faculty members who are excited to provide a loving and nurturing learning environment.

 “I’m thrilled to be a part of this new chapter in TCA’s history,” Pre-K teacher Carol Pond shared. “The first few years of a child’s education are so critical to his or her development, well-being and future achievements.  I’m honored to have a hand in the education process and growth of these young minds, and I look forward to giving my students the tools to find success inside and outside the classroom for years to come.”

About Trinity Christian Academy

Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) is an independent coeducational school, which offers families and their children a demanding, college preparatory curriculum within a Christian community. For more than 44 years, TCA has followed the goals of the founding board members of being a debt-free facility. TCA strives to honor God in the way it uses the funds that continue to be given to the school. To learn more, visit


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